October Sun

You cast hope into
my shadows

Clouds dance in your embrace
shifting across the dampled sky.

Dandelions who’ve spent their blooming
offer seeds, ready for the wind to set them loose.
Are they the hope of spring?

I watch leaves dance
in the gentle breeze
ready for descent, hanging on
when will it be their turn
to fly?

and nourish the earth
creating crunchy piles of
autumn goodness.

Pumpkins litter the walks
saying their cheery hellos
while my sunflowers shout their last hurrah,
food for the birds.

Oh October,
You are a month of goodbyes and hellos.
Of sunny warmth and dampening rains.

You are hope in the shadows
colour in a darkening world
You teach me to hang on….
And let go.

gw 2023

October Walk on a sunny day

October Walk on a sunny day

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