Surviving or Thriving.  

It’s a good play on words.

Am I surviving?
Or thriving?

I’d like to say,
for the record,
in black and white,

That I would like to be

Can one be both?

The other day, I was so tired,
so weary,
I crashed…. What does that mean?

Our English language creates pictures of

the truth being I needed to rest.
to decompress

(another violent word)  –
was I crushed, pressed down,

compressed into an
unrecognizable me?

so I survived.
I kept breathing.
I rested.  I prayed.
It’s getting better.

Life is a series, really
of challenges, obstacles at times,  and how we face them,
live through them,

respond… or react to them

can make all the difference whether
we just survive, or worse…

give up.

if we thrive,
receiving the good with the challenging
the weariness that can come from stress
knowing that we

will survive.
We can thrive,

asking for help along the way
looking for glimmers of hope
finding moments of gratitude.

Romans 12 qw

Romans 12 12

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