The very title
feels vulnerable
and at Christmas yet?

when one puts on glad
and yes, of course I love
the inspirational stories

the heartwarming
feelings of goodwill.
the cheer and brightness
of the season.

sometimes vulnerability is
a loud voice that demands attention

being overwhelmed
sad, weary
can feel vulnerable

even as it tries to hide
appear strong
hides behind a mask

the truth being of course
thst vulnerability is part
of being human.

And as I pondered it came to me
the very One who created.

the whole amazing universe.
all creation.

became vulnerable.

To become one of us
He spent nine months
in Mary’s womb
in darkness

to enter a broken world
in seclusion,
the child of a carpenter

he loved.
he lived
he wept,
and he prepared to suffer.
to die.

the good news is,
the One who came.
to be one of us.
dwelt among us.
vulnerable yet mighty.

Born that we might live
in hope

Yes, we are loved
we are known

God with us.

This is the gift
the hope.
of Christmas.

In Quietness and Trust

In Quietness and Trust

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