Holding time  

Do you ever wish
You could capture a moment
like a firefly
a spark of light
willing it to pause
be still

Your mind the camera
savouring this moment
a look
a smile
a sky of stunning beauty
a song that captures your heart.

Time is relentless
the baby that reached out to my
Christmas ornament
in wonder
“Wow” his favourite word


And those memories
flicker in my mind as I watch him
Fit into his 14 year old body
Life before him.

Another year slipping away
A chain link of memories
some fading, others stand out
like the roses which bloomed
in stunning beauty

Roses from my garden

Roses from my garden

2023 a container
held in the space of time
Joy, laughter
Tears, heartache
Poignant moments
Ordinary days.

We don’t walk alone.
Dear friendships
For this journey of moments
hours, days, months, years
That make up our lives.

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