Good Intentions or Resolutions?

Perhaps they are the same thing.  Have you a list of resolutions for 2024?

I tend to be a reluctant dieter, or resolution maker.
Too often, it ends in failure, and a sense of disappointment that I couldn’t follow through. I’ve had enough beat-myself-up parties, that I know there has to be a better way.

Take journal writing for instance. You would think, as I love to write, I love the contemplative practice of journaling , that I would excel. But no, life gets in the way…. And I have many half completed journals in my possession to prove that point. Which got me to thinking… perhaps I should compile a notebook with ALL the entries over the years… l might need a few notebooks, and just toss the empty pages.
Just because I didn’t write it down, doesn’t mean that life wasn’t lived!

All that said, the new year spurs us to new beginnings and fresh starts. I have been determining to up my exercise routine which really suffered with long covid symptoms. So something every day, I’m trying, even when the skies are grey. Well especially then, I’m thinking, it does lift the spirit. And I do have some great indoor options.

Chocolate is more difficult, especially since I believe it is necessary for happiness. (Just kidding… I think). And I was given some amazing chocolate for Christmas. Probably ,if I spread it out carefully, it could last until Easter…but if you want to drop by and have a piece, that might help me out.

So yes, I have some good intentions. Eating healthy.  Drinking more water.  I’ve found an old devotional journal I’m writing in every day. (Well, it’s only January 2 😊.) I started a doodle mini book, over the holidays, which is a great relaxer, and I’m hoping to make doodling a daily practice.

But truly, I want to live intentionally, to take care of myself, so I can in turn serve others and have the energy to do the things I love. I want to play more, laugh more, love more. I want to live prayerfully and thankfully.
Each day is a new day, a new beginning, a day to savour and give thanks.

May this New Year be full of meaning, joy, and bathed in hope.

Doodle art

Doodle art

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