A blog/lament on war

Life can paralyse you
an observer of

a parade of tragedies
passing by in
Real time
Real life
On whatever screen

I don’t want to be immune
I, part of the human race

can feel helpless

although attractive
is not an option.

I never voted for war
I long for peace.

Peace in the
In Gaza.

Peace in the deep divides
Of our countries
Of our churches
Of our families
and in my own broken heart.

It’s a sack cloth and ashes
Kind of day.

I know I preach hope
I hang on to it
as I hang on to the threads
of faith

For the only certainty I know
is that Creator God
is with us
in this mess.

God is not surprised.
We are NOT abandoned.
As I cry out
for mercy.

Come to my help

Come to my help

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