My mother used to think I was brilliant.
She amazed me with her thirst to keep up, stay connected and even learn to text on one of those flip phones in the year before she died.  She did not find that easy, and often asked for help.  Her frustration at times included banging her camera (also new technology), thinking that shaking it would make it behave.  She would often call me, or her even more brilliant grandchildren to help her, venting her frustration because things were not behaving properly.
As I age, and technology keeps changing, I too am finding it increasingly challenging at times.
There is a love/hate relationship as I, and we as a society, have become dependent on computers and internet and wifi to run our lives.  I too am grateful for connections, communication, storage of hundreds of images of photos and art, knowledge at the sound of my voice, (Hey Siri, could you look this up for me?) and instantly  I have an answer.  And don’t get me started on AI, artificial intelligence is scary.
But when things go wrong, as when my temperamental printer/scanner refused to work the other night, and it felt like I wasted hours, troubleshooting, rebooting, begging, and finally giving up, it is draining, to say the least.  (After one more reboot the next morning, and trying another press of a key, it worked!). Perhaps sleeping on it helped.  Well, I didn’t actually sleep 😴 on it, I walked away and took a break.
Talking of taking a break, I’m reminded of a walk I took last fall in our beautiful Polson Park.
Being outdoors, taking in fresh air is a great way to refresh and reboot.  But I remember being shocked, and then counting how many people had their heads down, holding their phones, staring at their screens.  Their necks are going to need a physiotherapist down the road!  One group of six or more were sitting in a circle.  All but one were engaged on their phone.  I calculated that over 90% of the people I passed were lost in cyberspace and paying no attention to the beauty around them.
It is the season of Lent.  And while I’d love to give up technology, it is almost impossible.  Here I am, resting in bed before I get up for the day, writing a blog.  And if you are reading this, you too are staring at a screen.
But I ponder, although I try to get along with technology, ask for help when I can’t figure it out, thankful for the gifts it brings me of communication and connection, I also want to spend more time in the real world.  Talking face to face.  Going for a walk and listening to the birds, paying attention to the beauty around me.

Blog done.  Time for a walk!

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