One of the hardest things as a pray-er, as a follower of Jesus, is to discern what to pray for, and what is the will of God.
Two things I am certain of:  as Gods beloved children, God wants the best for us.  We are loved.
But that doesn’t mean we get whatever we want.
Some of the funniest, selfish prayers are sincere.  I’ve prayed them.
“Please help me find a parking spot”
“we need sunshine for the picnic.”
“Let my team win!” (There might be some opposing prayers to that one.)

And then there are the deeper cries for help  Prayers for healing, for deliverance, for rescue.  And it can seem at times, that God is not listening.

I’ve wrestled with this.  I’ve met sincere people claiming Gods healing for their dying loved one, and their devastation when their loved one dies.  I’ve experienced this myself.  People who sincerely believed my first husband would be healed, creating all kinds of turmoil for me as I watched him die.  But the beautiful thing was, he became ready to go, and that was a gift to all of us.

What has really disturbed me in recent days and months is the Israel-Gaza war,

I grew up believing that Israel was blessed.  And it is true, God used the Jewish people to tell an amazing story of redemption, the peoples through which our Saviour was born.

But does this justify war, the killing of innocents, a violent genocide? I think of Hagar, and Ishmael, in the original story where two nations were born.  Did God love them any less?   Certainly they were provided for.

Justifying violence is repugnant to me.  Standing up to bullies is practicing justice.  Can there be people praying on both sides?

We watch in horror.  Even worse we become acclimatised to suffering and injustice.  We feel helpless.  But I can no longer be silent while people pray for the victory of Israel.

If I can only pray, I pray for mercy.  I pray for soft hearts  I pray for the suffering and the grieving.  I pray for the atrocities to stop.

O God, have mercy

Life is Fragile, Handle with Prayer

Life is Fragile, Handle with Prayer


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