About Grace

Grace Wulff is an artist, blogger and chaplain.

She has written extensively about life and grief, including a number of small publications, pamphlets and her first book “A Journey of Hope”.

Hope is a theme in her life which is reflected in her doodle art, her writing and speaking. She was ordained in 2016, with the Canadian Baptists of Canada, although her work as a hospital chaplain is ecumenical, reaching out to all who need encouragement and spiritual care.

You can connect to her blogs here. Her inspirational thoughts and prayers can be found on her Facebook page Grace Notes Thoughts and Prayers, and you can connect through Instagram as well.

Her latest publication is “Encouragement for the Grieving Heart”, a 46-page booklet written for those who grieve, and also those who want to understand grief.

Grace also published her 2nd Devotional Journal this summer (2019) “Words of Faith to Live By, Volume 2”.

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