About Grace

Photo-by-Grace-WulffI’m Grace. I’m a grandma, a mom, a wife, a daughter and a sister. I could be called a lot of things. Grandma, GG, Mom, Honey … but mostly I am just Grace. I joke that my name is hard enough to live up to!

I’m passionate about life and loving people.

I write… blogs, poetry, and have authored a book as well as other publications.

I love to play with art.  I doodle frequently and use words and creation as my inspiration.  I have dabbled in watercolour and pottery.

I am a hospital chaplain, who is passionate about ministry and caring for others.

I am also a speaker, sharing about what God is teaching me; sharing stories about life and hope.

I am a lover of nature, a hopeful but hapless gardener, and like experimenting with cooking in the kitchen when I have the time.

You will find information on this site about my book “A Journey of Hope”, (my personal journey of grief and loss), the booklet “Gifts for the Journey”, as well as a Guided Journal.

I have written a number of pamphlets to be used in hospital settings or other institutions on Grief, Waiting, and Conversations about Dying.

And in October 2017, I have a story published in the new book and anthology, Christmas with Hot Apple Cider.

My regular blog can be found by clicking here and my Facebook posts can be found on my Facebook page at facebook.com/GraceEWulff/

It is my hope as I share what inspires me, that my own journey of hope, of faith, and of love will encourage others.  I am grateful for those who have encouraged me along the way!