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Mercy Peace and Love, Artistic Expression by Grace Wulff

In my love for art and nature, I see God’s handiwork everywhere.  Creating art to me, is a reflection of God’s image in us, He the “ultimate and amazing and beyond-words” Creator who instills in us a desire to also create!

I have no illusions about being an amazing artist – I admire many who are.  But I do have a lot of passion for the art of creating; to me, it is a form of therapy, even worship, to be able to make something, and I hope that my enthusiasm spills out to encourage others to do the same.

Dwell, Artistic Expression by Grace WulffI have incorporated my art into my booklets, journals, bookmarks, brochures, calendars and greeting cards. And, the images have been used as colouring cards at retreats and banquets.

You are welcome to contact me for information on image use, or how to access these materials. All images shown here are ©Grace Wulff.

On this page, you will find some of my doodle expressions that I use in cards, bookmarks, or postcards.

I also have created images for special occasions or specific needs.

Please contact me if this is something that interests you.

Many of the images Grace has created can be viewed on her FaceBook page.

Please contact her if you are interested in having the images for your own use.


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