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A Journey of Hope

by Grace Wulff

A Journey of Hope is largely biographical and was written about Grace’s journey of grief. It is now also available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.

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$15 + $5 shipping

Gifts for the Journey

by Grace Wulff

A Hospital Chaplain’s Reflections on Life and the Life to come.  Gifts for the Journey is a booklet of stories, easy to read, to tuck in with a card. A great little gift of encouragement.

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$8 + $3 shipping

A Guided Journal for Hope and Healing

by Grace Wulff

A Guided Journal for Hope and Healing is a simple guided journal to bring healing and encouragement. It has been used for retreats, as a resource for those in hospital, or for anyone who likes to jot down thoughts and even colour the doodles sprinkled within.

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$10 + $3 shipping

Christmas with Hot Apple Cider

by Grace Wulff

Grace’s story is among 54 other authors who share in this Christmas book of encouragement. She shares about a special gift – A gift of Christmas ornaments that brought joy to hospital rooms, delivered when needed most!

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$19.95 + $5 shipping

Words of Faith Devotional Journal (New!)

by Grace Wulff

This little book is designed to be a devotional guide, to reflect, to pray, to journal, even to colour!

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$12 + $5 shipping

October/November Special Pricing

$20 + $8 shipping for 2 copies

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by Grace Wulff

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