Resources: “When Tragedy Comes” Brochure

Grace has written eight brochures for use in hospital and clinical settings, or for personal use. The first in the series, “When Tragedy Comes” is now available here, as a downloadable PDF (see below).

Printed versions of the “When Tragedy Comes” brochure are also available by contacting Grace by email with your request.

Covering The Production Costs Of “When Tragedy Comes”

Finding Your Way When Tragedy Comes Brochure by Grace Wulff

You are welcome to download the “When Tragedy Comes” brochure!

Please make a donation towards production and mailing costs, before or after you download the brochure.

The recommended donation for a single brochure is  $3 when downloading as a pdf.

Where the pdf will be used to print and distribute a larger number of brochures, please consider making an additional donation over and above the single cost, to help with Grace’s work.

To have a hard copy of the brochure mailed out to you, a donation of $5 each is suggested. This helps with resource production, postage, etc.

Please feel free to contact Grace direct for a recommended donation if you would like more than a few brochures mailed out to you.

Making A Donation

Your donation towards the production of Grace’s various brochures may be made through PayPal using the ‘Make a Donation’ button below which will take you to

Simply enter the amount you would like to give, and the currency you would like your donation made in,  and PayPal will take you through the donation process.



* Contact Grace for the PRINT version(s) of ‘When Tragedy Comes’ 

About Grace

Finding Your Way When Tragedy Comes Word Art by Grace Wulff

As a Hospital Chaplain, Grace also speaks on the topic of grief and healing to groups and communities, and is involved in fostering the spiritual health and well-being of her own community and beyond. The work Grace does is largely voluntary.

Grace is blessed to receive a small monthly stipend towards her work as a hospital chaplain and honorariums when speaking to groups.

The booklets and brochures she develops for sharing and encouraging those who may be suffering are her own personal work (artwork, written material, and production) and are copyrighted. To use any of Grace’s artwork or written content, other than brief quotes from her work, please click here to contact her for permission.

The work to develop and produce these brochures is funded through the generous gifts of individuals like you, and other individuals and organizations who benefit from them. Donations toward art resources and brochures will be used to invest in future publications and projects.

Click here to learn more about Grace.


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